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When you take all the usual precautions in your home in relation to your dryer, you’d imagine that you’d be safe. Cleaning the lint screen or filter regularly, cleaning behind the dryer, removing as much lint from around the dryer as you can find – these all help. Having your dryer serviced regularly is a great idea.

But it still isn’t enough. One of the major causes of fires in the home is blocked dryer vents. Dryer vents and exhaust ducts are not easy to clean properly, and the task is usually beyond the homeowner as specialist equipment may be needed.

If you find that clothing hasn’t properly dried at the end of a cycle, there’s a good chance your dryer vent needs cleaning.

The Effects of Blocked Dryer Vents

With even partial blockages and buildups of lint or other materials, your appliance will become less effective. Air cannot escape easily, keeping moisture within the machine and causing it to work harder to complete the drying process.

Aside from the increased drying time, this will raise your energy bills as more energy is needed to dry the clothes. The extra workload for the dryer combined with the buildup in the vent is a recipe for disaster, and fires can easily start.

The problem is compounded if there is a long exhaust duct with bends in it.

Make sure that your residential dryer vent cleaning is performed by professionals

The Benefits of Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

By using the appropriate equipment to clean your vent and exhaust duct, air will flow easily, and your dryer will work as expected. Our team of professional residential dryer vent cleaning experts will assess the airflow both before and after cleaning to ensure the job has been completed.

We aim for true customer satisfaction, and will work hard to ensure your safety, fixing problems and dangers that you may not be able to see.

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We will keep your dryer vent safe and clean, ensuring they work efficiently. We always deliver 100% customer satisfaction for every job.

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